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We have an extensive inventory, white or yellow gold and silver jewelry. Over 200 wedding sets in stock.


We also custom design jewelry, either hand carved, CAD/CAM wax carvings and remounts.

Jewelry repairs done on premise.
We do watch batteries and sizing while you wait.

We are a family owned business, and thrive on great personal service!


We are more than just your favorite local jewelry store. Aside from having a vast and everchanging selection, we are here to maintain and repair your beloved pieces.

Jewlery Repair.jpg

Custom Jewlery Design

One thing that makes our business so special, is that we still do custom manufacturing in our store. When we sit down and design a piece of jewelry with you, it doesn't get sent out to another business; it gets made right here in our store! 


Not only is this more economical for you, but we can ensure your piece is truly your vision brought to life.


Complete Watch Repair

So your watch isn't running and it's not the battery? No problem! We will take your watch in so we can figure out whats wrong with it. We will tell you what the problem is and give you an estimate on what it will be to get it running again!


Whether you need a new crystal, movement, hands, crown, gasket, etc, We will help you get your watch back to normal.


Jewelry Appraisal

We do appraisals for insurance purposes and more. We are able to provide one copy to you and one copy to your insurance company.


Pricing is $15 for the write up and $7.50 per $1000.00 we appraise your jewelry at. Please contact us to schedule an appraisal appointment.


  • Bracelet Repair

  • Jewelry Chain Repair

  • Jewelry Clasp Replacement

  • Jewelry Redesign

  • Jewelry Stone Mounting/Setting

  • Laser Welding

  • Prong Repair

  • Ring Repair

  • Ring Resizing

  • Watch Band Replacement

  • Watch Complete Overhaul

  • Watch Movement Repair

  • Earring Repair

  • Jewelry Clasp Repair

  • Jewelry Cleaning & Polish

  • Jewelry Restoration

  • Jewelry Stone Replacement

  • Necklace Repair

  • Rhodium Plating

  • Ring Reshaping

  • Watch Band Adjustment

  • Watch Battery Replacement

  • Watch Face Replacement

  • Watch Stem/Crown Repair

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